Golf Umbrellas

What To Look For In A Golf Umbrella

Golf umbrellas keep golfers shaded, dry, and safe on the golf course. Golfing is a popular activity especially during the warmer months. However, as much fun as golf can be, spending hours out on the golf course can sometimes make a golfer long for shade. While there are shaded areas on almost every golf course there are also vast amounts of the green that leave golfers open to the glaring sun. Golf carts provide some shade, but not every golfer uses a golf cart so having an easy source of shade to carry along with them is essential. A well made golf umbrella not only protects a golfer from the hot glare of the sun, but also from rain.

What Makes Golf Umbrellas Unique

True golf umbrellas are somewhat different than normal rain umbrellas in that they are usually quite large to help protect the golfer out on the green from either sun or rain. Most golf umbrellas measure 60 to 65 inches and some have a canopy as large as 70 inches.

The shaft of a golfing umbrella needs to be lightweight as it is carried around for several hours at a time so fiberglass is normally used for the shaft and the spokes of the umbrella rather than aluminum or other metals. In addition, for golfers who play in the rain there is a real risk of being struck by lightening using their clubs, you don't want the shaft of the umbrella to compound that problem.

Golfing Umbrella's Popularity

Golfing Umbrellas have become increasing popular and they make the perfect gift for the golfer who has everything. They are also ideal for those who want a lighter weight umbrella that provides more canopy than a traditional rain umbrella.

Golfing umbrellas come in a variety of colors and styles, including those with symbols of popular sports teams on them. There are even golfing umbrellas made specifically for children.

The quality and price of these umbrellas can differ a great deal as well, so there is one to fit almost every budget and every need imaginable. You can even sometimes purchase these golfing accessories in pairs or sets of three so you can easily choose an umbrella to go with whatever outfit you are wearing for the day.

When choosing a golfing umbrella consider the taste and the style of the person you are shopping for, the quality of the product and your budget. By keeping these three things in mind and taking the time to read the reviews hopefully you will find the perfect golf umbrella to meet your needs here at Umbrella For Sale.

Golf Umbrellas are well known for their ability to shed rain and shield the golfer's from the sun, but another important factor that makes a quality golf umbrella is its ability to withstand high winds. while on the golf course, everyday is not bluebird skys. There are some days that bad storms can arise from nowhere. A good quality golf umbrella can withstand high winds and protect you in all kinds of weather. Here is a video done to test a golf umbrella's ability to withstand winds in the ARA Transonic Wind Tunnel.